Marshall Combs

Creative Director/Partner - the eM group

"I have known and worked Eric Monse for nearly 12 years. There is no one else that I trust with my retouching needs. There is nothing that he hasn't been able to do for me. He has a can do attitude that is like no other. There is always a solution. Not only does he work hard, but he is a wealth of knowledge. My partners and I have relied on Eric time and time and he has delivered with flying colors every time. I have found Eric to be honest and forthcoming and will never sell you a bill of goods. He is honest about what the image is what can and can't be done with it. It is rare today, because I know others who have been taken by those who thought they knew what they were doing—rest assured Eric knows what he is doing and then some. Eric is a consummate professional that meets deadlines, with dedication and pride in his work. He sees thing in images that so many others would miss until it is too late.

I don't know where we would be without Eric. He is not only nuts and bolts retouching smart, but he has a great bend for creativity. I appreciate how intuitive Eric is, in that I don't have to worry about this or that with him because I trust him to think through issues that come up. Trust is hugely important in my business and I trust Eric explicitly. Eric is, and would be, an important and invaluable part of our team, and for that matter any team he is a part of. Working with Eric is not just a pleasure but I have found a wise investment."

Rachel Moore

Marketing Director - retliv

"I have worked with Eric for 8 years and there is no one better! I have seen him do some amazing things from adding Christmas lights to a house to changing the color of someones shirt. I would recommend Eric to anyone in need of a fantastic photoshop expert!"

Felix Sanchez

Photographer - Felix Sanchez

"I was first referred to Eric at Pentagraphics over a year ago. I used his services many times for photo assignments ranging from agency work, stock photography, and personal shoots. Through his retouching talents he has truly enhanced and stylized my work in ways that have impressed my clients. It's a great asset for a photographer to have talented retoucher at hand."

Paul Soupiset

Toolbox Studios - Toolbox Studios

"Toolbox Studios worked with Eric on a very recent mission-critical project for a key publishing client of ours. We were faced with the prospect of merging, color correcting, aligning and cleaning up dozens upon dozens of high resolution images, on a tight timeline. On the recommendation of our photographer, we contacted Eric, and started feeding him the original photos. The resultant composite files were mammoth in scope and size; we were able to take the final art and use them in both print and web applications. At the end of the day, our client and their board of directors were very pleased with the team effort. — Paul Soupiset, Creative Director, Toolbox Studios, Inc. -" April 23, 2010.

Sandy Lankford

Sandy Lankford Photography - Sandy Lankford

"Eric Monse at Pentagraphics is an amazing retoucher ! He makes everyone look beautiful and he is very subtle with his retouching. He also pays attention to all the details in a photograph."

Damon Yerian

Creative Director - Gilbreath Communications, Inc.

"Eric provides amazing photo retouching and color correction services for many of our projects. Even after nearly five years, his skills continue to amaze me. Our clients really appreciate the polished appearance and we love the convenience and quick turnaround. The investment pays for itself when we don't have to make expensive adjustments on press."

Ellen Cregan

Owner - Cregan Design

"I have worked with Eric Monse on several high-end jobs over the past several years, and have always been very pleased. His system work is wonderful - everything from making sure images are in the most optimized format, to adding beautiful fall trees to a landscape where there were none. His attention to detail and professionalism makes him a pleasure to work with."

JC Pagan

Creative Director - MRJCPAGAN

"What can I say about Eric. Just that he is one of the best re-touchers, color correcting, "magic man" I know. Yeah, the man can do "magic" in Photoshop. He can make things appear, disappear or just plain come to life. I've always had great results with Eric's work and have enjoyed working with him. He knows how to find solutions to any need. He's a good man."

Oscar Williams

Photographer - Oscar Williams

"Eric helped me with a VERY complex project, involving merging different buildings into a city block and creating streets and sidewalks to match and extend along with many other items. Each set of buildings I had to photograph at 3 times of day and Eric merged into the exact same scene for each time of day.  It was a tough time intensive schedule for both of us and he was right there on task with me and instrumental in how I shot the project.  I was happy and grateful for his expertise, my agency client was happy and their is client ecstatic with the project we were just a part of producing.  Eric has since helped me with another project and I know I will be working with him again."

Kristen Kleis

Owner - Kleis Design

"Eric's work has impressed me on multiple levels. Among his strong work ethic ... he has an exceptional ability to transform, superimpose, recreate or retouch photography unlike anyone else I know! He listens to my requests and always offers solutions. Eric is a true professional and I highly recommend using his services for your next project."